Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not the big update but here is a bit more information about this product you probably don't know

* Weight: 5.8 pounds
* Dimensions: 15 by 5.3 by 5 inches (H x W x D)
* No motor or batteries
* Use for 6 minutes a day to gain desired results

Shake Weight inventor Johann Verheem had no idea his product infomercial would go viral, but it has now grossed over 40 MILLION in revenue.

Finding the creator was a bit of a task, the other information is all over. I finally found the maker on a site and would like to give credits. Source: Shake Weight Reviews

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big update incoming!

Hey guys,

Sorry it's been so long since the last update. I have some pretty exciting news about our shake weight! They are coming out with a new model at the beginning of next month - if you haven't heard about it already! I'll post more information as soon as I get it. I'm actually on hold with customer service right now.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shake Weight Reviews article 2

With no electric motor or even battery packs, maybe you have thought about exactly how this device will assist you to burn off a huge amount of calories from the total body. Actually, this device operates on a shake control mechanics which is able to take care of training session. As soon as you operate the equipment for your workout, you need to simply shake the dumbbell it's self and it will immediately help you in your current workout

And also the most spectacular point about this device is that it comes in a descrete and simple handy package. With a weight of about six pounds., you can bring the machine anywhere you want to. Additionally, numerous Shake Weight reviews previously pointed out that this device also will help you and your family save money from gym membership, because the equipment provides a inexpensive way to be fit.

To make sure their clientele that it is certainly a very efficient training tool, Shake Weight's website supplies a refund if the product does not produce the results it guaranteed. With this, you can be certain that your money can't ever get wasted.

You are able to proceed directly to Shake Weight Reviews web site to have a look at cheapest offer obtainable. See the discount currently there and also the many customers Shake Weight reviews.

Shake Weight Reviews

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Physical fitness are a wide problem amid . That's why numerous working out plans, health teas and also diet plan regimens started to be such substantial hits over time. Likewise, the creation of home exercise equipment already in the market become more intense this craze. After all, exactly who would never desire some beautifully-toned muscles including a great figure? These are exactly the edges that are included with making use of the Shake Weight, an working out device with lots of assurance. This unique dumbbell like device has been in existence for some time, each time receiving a massive following from thrilled people. And with numerous beneficial Shake Weight reviews, you will have no issue proving to yourself this product's extensive effectiveness.

Utilize this Shake Weight review as the ultimate shopping guide.

Shake weight has become the most well liked conditioning merchandise right now. For just one, this company published a few Television ads as well as Internet ads which promptly triggered the public's awareness towards the product. Adding to that, the undeniable benefits that come with using it are really it's benefit over other training tools.

A workout instrument greatly parallel with a dumbbell, this product makes use of inertia technology to make sure that your own forearms, upper body and shoulders would be perfectly shaped very quickly. Whilst the equipment will help sculpt your pectoral, it concentrates more upon your arm muscles. And you'll unquestionably be delighted to know that this exercising device calls for you to workout for only six minutes on a daily basis. Nevertheless, you will still result in around two hundred and forty contractions per minute in this short time of exercise. The actual device's on the internet site additionally provided reviews which often advertised these kinds of spectacular results by the product. Consequently, this system is undoubtedly a powerful work out tool and a amount of Shake Weight reviews is able to testify to that.